Game 54: Rangers 3, Bruins 0

The Good

-King Henrik I don’t like many of the people involved with the New York Rangers. John Tortorella’s tough guy act with the media rubs me the wrong way. Prust, Sauer, Boyle, etc. annoy me. Dubinsky and Callahan are OK in Olympic years. But I have no beef with Henrik Lundqvist, who is probably the best goalie in the world right now (and, truthfully, probably has been for a while). Lundqvist was excellent tonight, making 42 stops to shutout of the B’s. He got lucky a couple of times, but for the most part was solid. The Rangers as a team lean pretty heavily on Lundqvist, and he was up to task tonight.

-Another good Field Trip There weren’t many Bruins who were good tonight, but the Bergeron-Marchand-Seguin line was OK. When I put something that was just “OK” under good, you know I’m reaching…

The Bad

-No jam I read a quote from Claude Julien after the game: “we’re a checking team that scores.” Tonight, the B’s weren’t either: they didn’t hit, and they didn’t score. Truthfully, the B’s haven’t been a physical presence in quite some time. I’m not sure if it’s a lack of skating, fatigue, or just some funk, but there hasn’t been much grit or sandpaper in what feels like a very long time. The B’s are at their best when they’re skating hard and hitting. I didn’t see much of either tonight, and, unfortunately, that’s been the case quite a lot recently.

-Corvo’d I know, a loss is never one player’s fault. This one was no different, but Joe Corvo’s bad pinch led directly to the Rangers’ third goal, and was more of a mental error than anything else. Bad chips or ill-advised passes hurt, but mental mistakes often kill. Corvo is off, and needs something to boost his confidence.

-Where’s the old Thomas? To be quite blunt, Tim Thomas has been pretty awful lately. One can argue whether or not the goals he allowed tonight were his fault or if it was bad luck, tough bounces, etc. However, he’s gotta come up with a big save every now and then to keep his team in the game. His mates bailed him out on Saturday, much like he did for them countless times last season. But when Henrik Lundqvist is at the other end of the rink, a goalie has to make some grade-A stops. Thomas didn’t, and he hasn’t for a while now. He’s allowed a whopping 20 goals in his last seven starts…simply not good enough.

Smooth sailing Henrik Lundqvist is too good to miss a puck he sees. Chances are if Lundqvist sees it, he’ll stop it. The B’s had too many shots go right into Lundqvist’s chest, or right into his glove. No one was in front to block his view. No one stood in front of him, no one skated through the crease to make his life difficult. If Lundqvist gets comfortable, he’s lights out. The B’s may as well have given him a pillow and a chair to sit on.

What went wrong

There are goals, and there are backbreakers, the goals that hurt a little more than normal. The B’s had two of them tonight: one with under 30 seconds to go in the first period, and another on Corvo’s bad pinch in the third. Goals in the final minute of a period always hurt, as do goals that come from mental mistakes. A PK breakdown led to the Rangers’ first goal, but one must give them a bit of credit for stellar puck movement. However, the other two were on the B’s. They essentially fell asleep at the wheel twice, and got burnt both times.

Attaboy: Lundqvist. Hey, what can you say: he’s a fantastic goalie.

Providence shuttle: No hits. The B’s have to play physically to be effective. They’ve been more “Disney on Ice” than big and bruising lately.


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I'm Dan, a Boston native who runs Bruins Hockey Now, a website dedicated to independent coverage of the Boston Bruins.
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