Game 55: Bruins 4, Canadiens 3 (SO)

The Good

-Holding the fort I obviously wasn’t thrilled to see the B’s blow a two-goal lead in the third period, but the fact that they held on and eventually won is a great sign. The Bell Centre is inarguably one of the most difficult NHL barns to play in, and once those fans get revved up and smell blood, it’s even more crazy. The B’s were a bit scrambly after the third Montreal goal, but they seemed to pull things together and actually played very well in the overtime (helped out by the power play, no doubt). Again, blowing a lead is never really good. But it was heartening to see the B’s end up with the win.

-My boy Benny Benoit Pouliot’s goal in the second period was a thing of beauty. Pouliot has been quiet lately, but that’s the second spectacular goal he’s scored this year. Perhaps the “New Ryder” name I gave him was more appropriate than I originally thought, as Pouliot scored a big goal at the Bell Centre against his former team just like ol’ Mikey. Habs defenseman Chris Campoli looked like an old-time MBTA turnstile on that play too. Not one of his finer moments to be sure.

-Stop and go Tyler Seguin used the slow down/stop-and-go move in the shootout again, and it worked like a charm: Carey Price barely moved on Seguin’s attempt, and the puck was in the back of the net before he knew it. Beauty of a move by the youngster.

-Ice Cole I was one of the people laughing when the Habs signed Erik Cole to a pretty hefty contract this offseason. However, the big winger has been a force for the Habs, and was arguably one of the best players on the ice tonight. The Habs have certainly gotten their money’s worth with Cole, as he and Max Pacioretty have combined to give Montreal a formidable scoring punch on the top line. Though he certainly benefited from an awful Bruin turnover, the move he made to beat Tim Thomas tonight was a dandy.

The Bad

-Unnecessary goals I mean, obviously all goals against are unnecessary, but two of the goals the B’s allowed tonight were downright terrible: the shorthanded goal to start the second and Cole’s game-tying marker in the third. Shorthanded goals are always a killer, but this one was doubly bad: PK Subban skated nearly to the Bruin goal line untouched, then threw the puck to the crease where Mathieu Darche banged it home. Sloppy, lazy play. On Cole’s goal, Chara made a mistake on a play that, as NBC Sports Network’s Eddie O said, he makes 99 times out of 100. He simply heeled the pass, and it ended up right on Cole’s stick for a goal. Really bad break for the B’s, and they’re lucky it didn’t cost them.

-Bad Brad I didn’t think Brad Marchand’s latest lowbridge, this time on Alexei Emelin, was that terrible, but I wouldn’t be altogether surprised to seem him get fined. Marchand is now a marked man in league circles, and while no injury resulted and the hit was more to Emelin’s hip than it was his thigh, it’s something he needs to avoid.

Boo birds A crowd is, generally, not exactly a bastion of reason and rationale. However, Montreal’s crowd is usually particularly loathsome, and tonight was no different: the bleu, blance et rouge partisans vociferously cheered when Zdeno Chara dropped to the ice, felled by a puck to the throat. Very classy, Habs fans.

Big, bad…Habs? The Bruins are supposed to be the bullies, while the Habs are supposed to be the speedy, skilled bunch. However, the B’s got pushed around tonight, and were outhit by the Habs by a 27-16 margin.

Knee on knee Rich Peverley got hit in the knee by someone on Montreal (Hal Gill, I think?) and didn’t return. The hit looked to be knee-on-knee, but there was no penalty called. I read postgame that Peverley was getting x-rays done, and that his status for Friday is up in the air.

What went right

-One of Tyler Seguin’s biggest assets is his speed, but tonight his lack of speed ended up being the difference-maker. When Seguin approaches a goalie with speed in the shootout, the goalie seems to hang back a bit, waiting for Seguin to come to him. Recently, Seguin’s been using a slow-down move where he drags one of his skates to reduce his speed, and then shoots. It worked to perfection tonight, as Seguin slowed down and rifled a laser beam past Price. How surprised was Price by the change of speed? He had barely flinched, and the puck was already in the back of the net. Great move by Seguin, and another trick he can add to his repertoire.

Attaboy: I’ll give it to the whole team for showing resiliency and not panicking when the Habs tied it. Character win.

Providence Shuttle: Habs fans. I understand that Chara injured Pacioretty, but booing an injury is low. Unfortunately, I feel like if Matt Cooke was ever injured at the Garden, the cheers would shake the place to the core. Hey, crowds are dumb.


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