Game 67: Capitals 4, Bruins 3

The Good

#Wides4Norris Wides, our fearless leader, came back to Boston today and shut up the haters in the crowd by recording the primary assist on Brooks Laich’s game-winner. What a monster, as clutch as can be.

Bounce back Sure, they didn’t end up getting the win or even getting a point, but it was good to see the B’s fairly unfazed by the early two-goal deficit (and even the late one). The B’s, it seems, are a fairly confident group, and don’t get down when they fall behind. They did a great job of jumping back into the game late in the first and mid-way through the second, and even made things interesting down the stretch. Were it not for a stick here or a bounce there, the B’s would’ve gotten this game into overtime. They were tenacious in the final four minutes, laying siege to the Caps’ end, only to come up a bit short. Still, it was heartening to see a “no quit” attitude, even though the B’s were in that situation because of their own mistakes.

Solid Corvo Joe Corvo has been the Bruins whipping boy this season, but one has to give him credit when he plays well, like he did today. He was still a minus-1, and got beaten to a loose puck on the Caps’ second goal. But Corvo was signed due to his willingness to move the puck and shoot, and he did that well today. He landed four shots on goal, and had a couple others go wide or get knocked down. Nothing special, but when a guy has struggled, solid efforts like today’s shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Take the body After going down by two, the B’s really stepped up the physical play, throwing hit after hit, including a glass-breaker by Zdeno Chara. All in all, the B’s outhit the Caps by a 30-16 margin.

The Bad

Self-inflicted wounds The B’s allowed four goals today, and all four were avoidable. By “avoidable,” I mean that they were the products of Bruin mistakes, not remarkable plays by the Caps. Tim Thomas allowed an awful rebound on the first goal, Corvo got outworked for a loose puck on the second goal, and Dennis Seidenberg and Adam McQuaid ran into each other on the third goal. The fourth was a good play, but came after the B’s put themselves on the PK (though in Greg Zanon’s defense, it was a pretty awful call). The point is, the B’s didn’t exactly put themselves in a position to win today. Mistakes will happen, but it’s up to the B’s to minimize and contain them. They didn’t do that today.

Another slow start I honestly don’t remember the last time the B’s scored the first goal in a game. I’m not going to repeat my line about catch-up hockey again, but the B’s have to start having better first periods.

Krejci tantrum David Krejci was awful today. Simply terrible. He was a minus-2 and only had two shots on goal, but also hurt his team with his attitude. Krejci was agitated all day, banging his stick after offsides calls and at one point flipping the puck towards a referee, earning himself an unsportsmanlike conduct call and leaving the B’s shorthanded in the process. Just a stupid, selfish move. Then, down the stretch, Krejci lost a couple of puck battles that could have gone miles towards giving the B’s a chance to tie the game. In all honesty, he probably wasn’t as bad as I’m making him out to be, but that unsportsmanlike call is inexcusable. Getting frustrated is fine; getting frustrated to the point that one leaves his team shorthanded is simply unacceptable, and Krejci knows better.

Failer play Still nothing from the power play. Water is wet, grass is green. Ho hum.

What went wrong

As I said before, mistakes will happen, and the key is to minimize the mistakes and contain them. On the third Washington goal, the B’s didn’t do that. The Three Stooges-esque play began when Seidenberg and McQuaid couldn’t decide who would take the puck. Instead of someone making a play, the two ran into each other, allowing the Caps to gain possession. To make matters worse, Seidenberg didn’t get back into position. Confused by the collision, McQuaid stayed down low, while Seidenberg stayed near the edge of the face-off circle. This allowed Jay Beagle to slide into the slot uncovered, and he rifled the puck past Tim Thomas. Had Seidenberg been in proper position, Beagle either never gets the pass or Seidenberg is there to bother the shot. Instead, it’s in the back of the net. Again: mistakes happen. But they have to be contained.

Attaboy WIDES. Because why not? He had the primary assist on the game-winner, and just rules anyways.

Providence Shuttle Krejci. I’m pretty mad about Krejci’s performance today, especially that petulant teenager-esque penalty. Just a dumb move from a veteran player.


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