Game 73: Sharks 2, Bruins 1

I’m going to keep this brief since it’s the afternoon after the game, but I wanted to at least right something.

The Good

  • Perfect hair Well “perfect” might be a bit strong, but the Hair Line (that’s what I’m calling them, leave me alone) of Brian Rolston, Benoit Pouliot, and Chris Kelly was excellent again last night. The trio was on the ice for the B’s only goal, and combined for four shots on goal (no small feat when the team only had 17). The line was probably the B’s most dangerous all night. With Rich Peverley possibly returning on Saturday, there will be some lineup changes coming. If I’m in charge, I sit Jordan Caron, who has really plateaued after a strong couple of games, and slot Peverley on the first line to see if he can wake up David Krejci and Milan Lucic. I’m not touching the second or third lines, they’ve been great.
  • Solid Tim Tim Thomas didn’t get the win, but was very solid again. He may wish he could have the Daniel Winnik goal back, but to Winnik’s credit, it was a perfectly placed shot. Thomas made a number of great stops to keep the B’s in the game, including a sliding semi-two pad stack on Martin Havlat. Good to see that Thomas may be rounding into form.

The Bad

  • Weak effort WEAK. To put it bluntly, the Sharks simply wanted it more last night. I know that the B’s are pretty comfortably in playoff position, but they’ve hardly sewn up their spot. Therefore, there’s really no excuse for getting badly outworked in all aspects of the game this late in the season. Lock up the second seed, then you can coast for a few games.
  • First is worst I don’t know how to put it, other than to say that the first line of Krejci, Lucic, and whoever gets stuck with them (either Caron or Tyler Seguin) has been awful for a while now. A turnover by that line led directly to the game-winning goal, and another turnover led directly to the game’s first goal. If the first line takes care of the puck, last night’s game might have turned out differently. One can blame Seguin for mishandling Krejci’s drop pass, but I blame Krejci for not making the pass a good one. If one is going to make a drop pass on an odd-man rush inside the attacking blue line, it sure better be on target. Krejci’s wasn’t, and it ended up in the back of the Bruin net in the blink of an eye. I don’t know if Lucic and Krejci are hurt, slumping, or sleepwalking, but they need to wake up.
  • 10:30 starts I probably would’ve been up as late as I was regardless of the B’s late start, but come on, west coast. You are making us all tired with your lateness.

What went wrong

  • As I said above, if you’re going to make a drop pass inside the attacking blue line on an odd-man rush, it better be on target.Common sense says that if you have a 3-on-2 and your pass misses the trailing player, the other team will have a 3-on-2 the other way. I have no problem with creativity, but in the third period of a one-goal game, the sure play is better. Krejci probably should have just taken a shot and let Lucic crash the net for a rebound; instead, he elected to drop the puck to Seguin, who mishandled it, and the Sharks were off to the races. Game over.

Attaboy: Winnik. He has struggled to score in San Jose, but he picked a big time to net his first goal as a Shark.

Providence Shuttle: Lucic and Krejci. At this point, Providence’s first line would probably be more effective than these two.


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I'm Dan, a Boston native who runs Bruins Hockey Now, a website dedicated to independent coverage of the Boston Bruins.
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