Game 23: Bruins 3, Senators 2

Some brief thoughts on last night’s win:

  • On Kaspars… I have no problem with Daugavins’ attempt. Creativity and innovation will spice up shootouts, and spare us from the backhand-to-forehand dekes that dominate the skills competition. Daugavins didn’t try the move to show up Rask or to be disrespectful; rather he tried it because it’s a great move and it worked for him in the past. However, it would’ve been interesting to see if the referees counted the goal had he scored, as he appeared to bump Rask on his way in. The people who are crying foul over that move are probably the same people who ripped Nail Yakupov for being too excited after scoring a goal. Please.
  • Speaking of shootouts… David Krejci’s goal in the skills competition was a beauty. As far as pure wristers go, you won’t see much better than that. The key was the subtle deke right before the shot, followed of course by the lethal shot itself. There’s not a goalie on earth who’s going to stop that shot. It marked the end of a solid recovery for Krejci, who had a pretty crappy game early on but bounced back with an assist on Daniel Paille’s goal and then netted the winner.
  • On Kelly’s injury I’m not sure how I feel about Chris Neil’s hit on Chris Kelly. I’m leaning towards it being unintentional, especially given that Neil and Kelly were longtime teammates, but then again, it is Chris Neil. The collision looked a lot like the one between Milan Lucic and Zack Smith in the third period, except that neither had time to attempt to dodge it. Once Kelly tried to avoid the oncoming Neil, he was stuck with his leg out, and unfortunately Neil caught it. Judging from a screenshot of the video I saw earlier, Kelly’s knee bent the wrong way pretty badly. He may be out for a while.



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I'm Dan, a Boston native who runs Bruins Hockey Now, a website dedicated to independent coverage of the Boston Bruins.
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