Game 29: Bruins 2, Senators 1

A few thoughts on last night’s near-embarrassment turned good win.

  • Kudos to Krejci, but… I believe that David Krejci was playing through some pain last night, and that he should be commended for trying to help his team in spite of not feeling 100%. Having said that, I feel like Jack Edwards’ running commentary on the selfless heroism of Krejci’s actions was a little over the top, and bordered on absurd. I agree that Krejci showed guts by playing; however, saying how amazing his performance and bravery was every time Krejci fell down (allegedly due to leg pain every single time, not due to losing an edge) was pretty silly. Like I said, I commend Krejci for wanting to help his team, but maybe don’t act like he had his arm amputated prior to the game, Jack.
  • Lost Lucic I don’t know what’s wrong with Milan Lucic. Perhaps he’s fighting a nagging injury, or perhaps the “personal reasons” that caused him to miss a game a few weeks ago (rumored to be a problem with his wife or young child) are still bothering him. Both are reasonable excuses, but there has to be something wrong. Lucic has looked slow, a step behind, and mentally disengaged for a couple of weeks now, only showing flashes of success (like in last Saturday’s win over Washington). The most egregious example last night came when the B’s had a 3-on-1 rush. Lucic did the right thing by staying a bit high to form a triangle. He then took a good pass from Krejci, and had plenty of options: shoot, pass it back to Krejci, or pass it to Nathan Horton on the right. He elected to pass it to Horton…except his pass was about three feet off of Horton’s stick. Mind you, this pass was from (maybe) ten feet away. Inexcusable. Lucic looked a little better in the third, but he’s still off (he got bodied off a loose puck by Mika Zibanejad). There has to be something wrong.
  • Peverley sits It’s hard to call this move a surprise, but I was still a bit taken aback by it. Truthfully, Peverley has been mediocre at best this year. Maybe he’s been dragged down by the state of flux the third line has been in for most of the year, or maybe he’s just gripping the stick too tightly. Chances are this will be a one-game thing, and that Peverley will be back on the ice Saturday night, with either Ryan Spooner, Jay Pandolfo, or Jordan Caron sitting (Caron would be my bet). It’ll be interesting to see how Peverley responds to the scratch; the bet here is that he’ll take it constructively, hit the reset button, and come back stronger on Saturday. Going forward, it’ll be interesting to see if Claude wields the scratch as a weapon more often (I’m looking at you, Messrs. Lucic and Horton).
  • Another solid start for Khudobin Anton Khudobin continues to perform very well for the Bruins, and while I wouldn’t go so far as to say the B’s have a goalie controversy, his play has certainly given Julien options when it comes to picking his goalies. Khudobin has emerged as more than a “well, we’ll throw him out there to give Rask a rest and hope for the best.” I’d say he should get another start in Toronto, but, for trolling reasons, Rask should start.



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