Soderberg thoughs from someone who knows: Mattias Ek, of

Most of us have just been guessing about what will happen with the Bruins and Carl Soderberg. There have been reports today that Soderberg’s deal with the Bruins has been finalized, and Kirk Luedeke is reporting that the whole transfer process is done, and that Soderberg may be here within a week.

However, nothing official has been announced yet, and there’s still a lot of speculation. I decided to reach out to the source of my earlier post: Mattias Ek, a reporter for in Sweden. He knows what’s been going on with Soderberg better than most, so I figured he’d be the best source for insight.

I got an email back from Mattias earlier (after the “done deal” reports), and here’s what he had to say, in its entirety:

It’s really hard to know exactly what will happen with Soderberg and where he’ll go from here. His team has finished its season and the coach for Team Sweden, Par Marts, has told Soderberg that he wants him to play for the Swedish national team in the upcoming World Championships which will be held in Stockholm this year, as it was last year. Soderberg is considered a key player since he’s played well at the International level, not only this season, but also last year. As you know he scored 31 goals in the Swedish Elite League, which was the best scoring result for any player over the past five years.

The Swedish hockey federation and vice president Peter Forsberg (not the former NHL player) are having talks with the NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly and the Swedish standpoint is that there is a mutual understanding that Soderberg is to play for the Swedish national team in the Worlds in May according to talks earlier.

There might be an opening, that is more of a gap between the agreement between the NHL and the Swedish federation that expired and the new that is not yet in place.

However, the board members of the Swedish federation will hold a meeting Thursday night here in Stockholm where the Soderberg case will be discussed.

I guess the Linkoping fans will miss Carl Soderberg a lot since it’s only a matter of time until he will be a Boston Bruin. Soderberg is such a strong and skilled two-way player and will be almost impossible to replace. The Swedish league loses in total more or a less a team of players to North America and the KHL every year and the clubs are paid peanuts to find new players, but in the end this also gives younger talents a chance to show what they’ve got at an earlier stage of their careers than expected. Some guys step forward, and most don’t.

Carl Soderberg made headlines already in the first round of the playoffs in Sweden, but now for his scoring abilities. You might have read about him crosschecking the former Colorado Avalanche forward Per Ledin (HV 71) in the face when his team lost (6-0) away. Soderberg got a six game suspension which boiled down to four games plus a 9,300 dollar fine. People over here were a bit shocked mostly because it was an ugly thing to do but also because it was out of character and Soderberg himself didn’t quite understand how bad it looked on TV.

However, Carl Soderberg has already been forgiven I think. He has deserved his chance to go and play in the NHL. Given a little time to adjust to the smaller rink and the faster play I’m sure he will be a great contribution to a an already strong team in Boston.

So there you have it, from someone who knows. It appears that there are contradicting reports, as Ek says the Soderberg case is slated to be reviewed on Thursday, while Luedeke and others are reporting that the deal is done.

In any case, it’s nice to have an insider’s perspective on things.

Mattias can be reached via Twitter at @EkExpressen

UPDATE: ESPN’s report states that the deal between the Bruins and Soderberg is done, not that the transfer has been agreed to. This contradicts Luedeke’s report that Soderberg’s deal (in total) was done, and that he’d be on his way in a week. So it appears that Ek is, in fact, right: the transfer has yet to be agreed to, and it will be discussed later this week in Stockholm.


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