Thoughts on the premiere of “Behind the B”

Some quick thoughts on last night’s premiere:

  • Overall, I really enjoyed the show. I’ve enjoyed watching HBO’s “24/7” series, and it’s even more entertaining when it’s the hometown team. I was surprised at just how much access the cameras were granted, but I guess that’s what happens when the team produces its own show: they’re doing the final edits, so they can take whatever footage they want and make their own decisions. The first episode featured a lot of drama regarding off-season moves and the end of the Cup Final, so it’ll be interesting to see if the series can maintain its momentum or if it fizzles out during the tedium of the regular season.
  • Tyler Seguin came out of the episode looking much worse than he did going in. Everyone knew the Bruins had tired of Seguin, but it hadn’t been stated as plainly as it was last night. Interestingly, Peter Chiarelli and the Bruins brass had meetings about moving Seguin as early as the first week in June, long before the season was even over. There were two telling quotes about Seguin. One remark was about how he avoids physicality and relies on his skill, with a member of the office chiming in, “sound familiar?”, an obvious reference to Phil Kessel. The second remark was far more damning, as Seguin was compared to Patrick Kane, who also had a notorious partying past. A member of the brass said that if Seguin gave the Bruins half of what Kane gave Chicago during his younger years, the Bruins would’ve won the Cup. Ouch.
  • The B’s were very high on Andrew Ference, and made it clear that his departure was strictly one of bad circumstance. Ference simply didn’t fit anymore, as sitting young players like Torey Krug and Matt Bartkowski could no longer be justified. During his segment, Milan Lucic praised Ference as well, showing just how respected he was in the locker room. Ference’s leadership will be missed, but the team will be better with the addition of the youngsters.
  • It was funny to see that Chiarelli first found out Nathan Horton wasn’t returning to Boston the way most of us did: through Twitter.
  • The prospects segment was interesting as well, as it revealed that the B’s appear to be highest on Brian Ferlin and Matthew Lindblad, two players who were said to be close to making the jump during last night’s episode. Ferlin will be going back to Cornell, but seems to be ready to challenge for a roster spot next September. Lindblad seems as close as anyone, having recorded five points in four games with Providence last season. Lindblad reported to Providence after his college career ended and he signed with the B’s as a free agent, so it’ll be interesting to see what he can do in his first full professional season. If he has a strong start in the AHL, Lindblad may be a “first guy up” kind of player, i.e. the first P-Bruin brought to Boston in the case of an injury.

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